Hello again. As I have told you, my name is Steven R. Telford. I began my journey as an Architectural Design Engineer and worked for almost 40 years in that capacity. My professional background also refers to army person. But creating tales has always been a constant source of inspiration for me, and it has always encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a writer.


My mission is to follow the affection, attachment, and sheer joy of writing. My time is well spent on creative story-telling, whether a mystery, fiction, or science fiction or fantasy.



I have now devoted my life to writing and sharing my ideas. To entertain and maybe resurrect the reading habit in life of many. My approach has taught me that the things that hold my attention are the same things that connect me to everyone else on the earth (and beyond). The completion of my book, ‘Plannik Journal’ inspired my return to serious, dedicated writing. And yes, I am well on the way to new releases.

Books Coming!