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Working title for the first novel in this category:  “Heartless Justice.

The story of a young woman detained in a federal facility for over two years — waiting for a speedy trial. Her crime? Wrong place, wrong time. Even her attorney, who I have yet to interview in person, said, “this was the most bizarre case I have ever tried.”

We are doing everything possible long distance. Phone, Email, and registered mail. Eventually, however, we will  make a two or three day trip to California. The Attorneys and Investigator have agreed to speak with us.  In the meantime, we are reading transcripts, putting together a time line and outline. We talk often, and she is typing everything about the experience she can remember. I am asking questions, and filling in the blanks. The story does not start with her arrest, arraignment, or even the fated trip to California. We have decided to begin in the relevant past. Actions, behavior and situations that contributed to. . . shall we say, ‘questionable judgement.’

We will reveal, what I feel will prove to be, dubious behavior by federal prosecutors. Years of hardship in prison, away from her children and family, learning to deal with the prison culture. While ‘locked-up’ she lost her two youngest children, house and so much more.

There is certainly much more to tell. And we will, once every fact has been vetted, and documented. Of course, the story arc, while based on a true story, with verifiable facts, will be be both fun, disturbing and shocking.

Many have been sentenced to prison for their deeds. But this case is different. Two years in prison, under a questionable arrest, waiting for a trial.











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