Plannik Chronicles – Peek at Chapter 2

                                                           Excerpt from Book 1   –  ‘The Plannik Chronicles’

S.R. Telford

Chapter 2  The Crimson Dagger


On the blending alter a dirk belonging to the first Prophet Master, Spalang, begins to spin on its tip, firing the joining furnace.

The prophet initiate must now grip a new, raw blade with all his might, thrusting it into the belly of the glowing alter. Pain such as never before threatens to consume him as it fuses into his hand. It feels as though a volcanic acid is ripping him, coursing through his veins, scalding every cell, nerve and fiber.

It takes the combined strength of two Prophet Guardians to wretch the initiate arm from the binding mass. The blade luster’s in bright blood crimson, dripping essence of the ancients mingled with that of the new Prophet Master. This forever linking him not only with all that has been, but generation’s to follow.

The dirk, fused into the hand, begins to glow brightly, until the binding light is all that can be seen. The new Prophet Master screams one final time as the blade completes its task, carving to the precise form of its master’s essence. His very being! As the light begins to fade, a fiery finger lashes out, carving his name into the face of time, alongside all masters from the very beginning.

One day, this master also will surrender his life to time. On that day he shall return to the sacred caverns, adding all that he has become to those who shall follow.

(This novel is complete through the second draft – will be seeking representation mid-summer twenty-seventeen)

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