puppy point                           Welcome !

               Very Pleased to see you . . .

While this my writer/author site, I have a passion for politics, cooking, humor, smooth jazz, smooth scotch and common sense. In fact, I may plan a page for each, and then some!

                                God Help Me !!!

In Recent Posts, to the right, you will find exerts from my novels, short stories and flash columns, like Challenged Ethic.

BAYULE, Peroni Dragon Elder


I’m considering  adding a  Characters section to the site with descriptions and bio’s. Like Bayule, Elder Dragon from the Peroni Line, the original dragon’s. Bayule is first seen in The Plannik Journal, where he introduces Zeneca, a Destiny Child,  to her Lens Dragon, Adelle.




OK, so I’m not a great artist, but occasionally  make sketches, like these, to get an image out of my head and into the world.

Critter appears in the Destiny Series, Book One and Two. Gusta shows up in the Destiny Series.  Zamog… Well, he’s an enigma, showing up when least expected. A multidimensional creature with unique abilities.


Peddling as fast as I can!

Ultimately, I will get this site to look the way I want. Not there yet! I am discovering how to manipulate appearance little by little.

So, stop by from time to time.

See ‘ya soon.

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