Grandpa’s Horses

 Unicorn Prong  “Horses, Grandpa. A story about horses!”

 “Horses huh? What kind of horses?”

“Tell me a story about magic horses,” Jazmine said, staring through bright blue eyes. The old man smiled and patted a knee.

“Climb on up darlin’, and I’ll tell you that story.” Jazmine giggled and leaped into his lap.

“Well now, I’ll bet you didn’t know that your great-great grandpa, my daddy’s daddy, was best friends with Prong, leader of the magic horses.”

“Really! Did he ride him and everything?”

“Did he ever! In fact, Toben, King of the Enchanted Forest Little People, gave grandpa a magic whistle that only Prong could hear. No matter where he was, when grandpa blew that whistle, Prong would come. . .

Jazmine looked forward to Saturday nights. She would climb into grandpa’s lap, and he would create another story, just for her.

Inspired by a loving grandfather, Jazmine became an author. Her first book, Grandpa’s Horses, quickly became an international best seller.

One evening Jazmine handed her aged grandfather, Frank, a signed copy of Grandpa’s Horses. The old man picked up thick glasses with shaking hands. He opened the book and read the dedication:

To the man that has become my

conscience, kindness and inspiration.

For you, Grandpa…

All my love, Jazmine.

 Frank turned wet eyes toward Jazmine, who smiled and surrendered a loving kiss. Frank clutched the book in his lap. He leaned gently back, bowed his head with a shallow smile and closed his eyes. . .  For the last time.

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