Dragon Cast

The continuing story of Princess Zeneca, a Destiny Child, spills over the pages of the Plannik Chronicles series, and into this search for the truth. Princess Zeneca, and her Lens Dragon, Adelle, are on a personal mission to locate ancestors of the Dragon Clans, wherever they might be. But not all of the ancient clans wish to be found.




  Zeneca watched the long, treacherous fangs of a deadly Konar Dragon as it streaked through the sky, fiery breath nearly upon her.  Adelle, Zeneca’s Lens Dragon, hurled toward the would-be assassin, broad razor wings braced for the kill. Terrified, Zeneca dropped to her knees and held up her sword in the feeble hope that it might disappoint death. But Adelle arrived first. Zeneca recoiled as the Dragon’s head tumbled noisily past. She looked up and smiled as Adelle circled above. And then heard the clamor of another danger, from the rear this time. Zeneca stretched her sword high and spun, swinging with all her might. The fight is not yet over.



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