This is my about page. An introduction

Not an ‘I love me’ wall



Hello. . . My name is Steve, Steven R. Telford. Most folks call me S.R.  While I have been involved in Architectural Design and Engineering for the last forty plus years, less a stint in the Army, my true passion is, and has always been writing. And now that I’m all but retired (still paying off the mortgage) there is more time for it; writing, that is.

Age. . . Who cares? You can see that I’m old.

Hang on a second. I’m gonna go get a soda. Want one? While I’m gone, please insert long, boring, self-aggrandizing bio, reaching back to the cradle. And please notice what a cute kid I was. . .

Okay, back. Now where were we? Oh yeah, bio. Scrap it. I can always do the rambling thing later. Let’s talk a little about the site instead.



All writers have a few things in common. For one thing we enjoy waddling around behind our characters, writing what they say, see and do. And trust me, these monkey biscuits find crevasses and pockets in our imagination that we didn’t even know were there. Of course, we write to please ourselves, but even more importantly to please our audience. To please you. I am unaware of any writer/author that doesn’t absolutely cherish this accomplishment.  And that, my friend, is the real reason for this site.


WRITING tab: This is, as you may have surmised, where I post my treasures for all to see. Novels and stories, both in progress and complete, that I wish to share. Poke around here for a bit, and tell me what you think in a comment, message or email.

LINKS: Among my favorite pages. Here you will find a connection, a link, to things of interest to writers. Magazines for publication, sites that both educate and advise us, books available from a variety of authors and more. It may be worth coming back, from time to time, to see what’s changed.

FAVORITES: This tab, admittedly, is an indulgence. At the moment I’m posting some of my favorite music video’s, in the hope you might enjoy them as much as I do. However, this is definitely a work in progress, and I would be hard pressed to tell you what else might end up there. . . We’ll just have to see.

CONTACT: Yup, just what it says.

SHOP:  This is more a placeholder than anything else, at this moment in time, as is the sidebar. Ultimately, however, while I am still seeking representation, my work will be published, and available, in addition to conventional outlets, on this site.

BLOG:  Just what it says. This is, for better or worse, my pool of opinion.

DISCUSSION BOARD: I am hoping this menu category will earn its keep. I can envision us having fun, productive back and forth’s on any number of topics of mutual interest. Also, novels, stories, agents and publishers. Maybe query letters, outlines and synopsis. Magazines, websites and. . . There’s no limit.










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